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Your Start To Something Special In Soccer

Scarborough Athletic FC offers a fresh, meaningful approach to team play across a variety of leagues and levels. A program of player development that looks also beyond the field is a unique opportunity available to players inclined to seize such an advantage. We welcome you!


To provide a complete soccer opportunity for the Scarborough area ranging from youth to adult at both competitive and non-competitive levels and from amateur to collegian to professional.

Competitive Teams

With a long range goal of producing well-rounded people as well as future soccer professionals, Scarborough Athletic FC strives to develop players on and off the field. In competitive soccer, SAFC strives to: (1) maintain at least one elite team (aiming ultimately for entry into the USL Division 1, and (2) its reserve team that serves both as the co-runner elite team playing at high levels such as in the OSL. Organizationally, SAFC welcomes all forward-thinking, innovative enterprises to seize the advantage of SAFC’s brand ambassador services plan.

We are proudly associated with
the Scarborough Athletic Football Club of England.

Imagine trips to England for further player exposure and professional training
amidst the valuable cultural exchange and experience!

Academy and Camps

We encourage our "first team" players to obtain their coaching licenses through the Ontario Soccer Association and pass their skills on to youth players who will be attending either weekly sessions for training or week long camps.

Click here for more details on our Youth Academy

Recreational Teams

The "Beautiful Game" is played by professional and amateur alike; with the same passion! For those who are looking for a chance to get out and play with the option of getting addition training & development, Scarborough Athletic are your best option!

Looking for a place to play? Contact us by email at SAFCToronto@yahoo.com or call us at 416-885-6644.


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